Beste Reste

Ein Redesign der Beste Reste-App


In the course "Application Design" we created a redesign of the Beste Reste App. An app from the German Federal Ministry of Food, which aims to help with food waste recycling. By closely examining the existing app, we gained important insights into its use and user experience. Based on these insights, we created a redesign of the Beste Reste app that communicates knowledge about sustainable food use in a more understandable way, helps prevent food waste more effectively, and is more intuitive to use.

  • Timeline
    Mai 2020, 13 Wochen
  • Teampartner
  • Course name
    Application Design
  • Supervision
    Rebecca Schellhorn
  • Tools
    Figma, Miro, Notion Lightroom, Photoshop


The Understand phase was about getting a holistic view of the "Beste Reste App" through various research methods.


Styleguide of the current Beste Reste App

Here we have analyzed the competition of the "Beste Reste App" in various parameters.

With the SWOT analysis, we summarized the strengths, weaknesses and development opportunities of the app.

Through the user tests, we found out where the test user does not find his way around in the app, what he likes and what he does not like.

The Interaction Jounrey, is the accurate summary of our complete user scenario.


At the end of the Understand phase, we did a feature prioritization. We entered all existing features as well as ideas for new features into a table and sorted them by importance. In this step, we also summarized all of our key learnings from the Understand phase. We entered the appropriate key learnings for each function in the Kano model table. This helped us a lot to always have the gained knowledge present in the next phases.

Kano Modell


In a  card sorting we have organized and structured all contents of the app. We deliberately left out some old content and functions and added new ideas. We have revised the card sorting two more times in the course of the project, as new ideas have added some new content. Here is the latest version of the card sorting:

Card Sorting


In the Materialize phase, we used the insights and ideas from the previous phases to develop a new design concept for the Best Reste App.

The Design Principles summarize the most important features of our application in adjectives. 

With the help of mood boards we created different design variants. We tested each of these on the basis of three selected key screens.


With the design finished, we built a clickable prototype in Figma.

Finale Screens