A modular font


Inspired by the Chinese game Tangram, we programmed a modular alphabet using the libraries P5.js and GSAP. Each letter consists of the same seven geometric figures. By keyboard input, the user can enter letters, which appear as a Tangram square and then animate to the respective letter through shifts and rotations.

  • Timeline
    November 2019, 10 Wochen
  • Teampartners
  • Course name
    Programmiertes Entwerfen 1
  • Supervision
    Prof. Hartmut Bohnacker
  • Tools
    Java Script, P5.js, GSAP.js

Try it yourself. Click in the window and write something on your keyboard.


We have taken the modular system for our typeface from the Chinese tile-laying game "Tangram".

Each tangram game is composed of seven different parts, so is each letter of our script, composed of exactly these seven tangram parts.

2 x large triangles
1 x medium triangles
2 x small triangles
1 x parallelogram
1x square

Tangram Legespiel aus Holz


In the objects.js file, the various geometric shapes are declared in classes. In letters.js, the individual letters are constructed using the seven tangram objects from the objects.js file.